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Digital technology has become a part of everyday life for most of us.

Whether it's for online banking and shopping, business use or study, emails, watching TV or using social media, a fast, reliable broadband connection is vital.

Fibre broadband

Traditional copper wire internet connections often can't cope with daily demands. This makes internet connections slower which can sometimes prevent you from completing the activity you set out to do. 

With fibre broadband the internet connection is much faster, allowing you to do more and complete tasks more quickly.

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The following cabinets have recently been fibre enabled:

Ashover 2 (Woolley Moor)
Ashover E3 (Milltown)
Ashover E4 (Ashover)
Chapel en le Frith 12
Chapel en le Frith 17
Grindleford 9 (Curbar)
Melbourne 9
Tideswell 7

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